1. Rubber or stainless steel flexible brake lines: Which one should you opt for?

    Stainless Steel Flexible Brake Lines

    When it comes to installing brake lines, customers typically have to decide between rubber lines and their stainless steel counterparts. Rubber brake lines may seem to most like the ideal option since they are cheaper, however there’s more to these hoses that perceived cost-effectiveness. If you’re looking to invest in brake parts that offer you value for money, stainless steel brake lines might be an option to consider.

    Stainless steel brake lines offer the right amount of flexibility whilst fitted to a hydraulic brake system. The main point of difference between rubber and stainless steel lines lie in the materials used to make them, which subsequently impact how they function. A stainless steel brake lines skips the rubber to use a Teflon inner hose. This hose is then wrapped in a braid made from stainless steel wire. Unlike rubber, the stainless steel is more resistant to expansion caused by pressure inside the hose core. The stainless braid typically is also coated with a clear material such PVC, which helps protect the wire and inner hose from external materials which have an abrasive effect.

    Although stainless steel brake lines come with a higher price tag, they offer significant benefits to the user, specifically in terms of vehicle performance. For starters, stainless steel is a hardier material than rubber, and it offers better, superior protection from flying roadway debris that are likely to damage the brake lines. This ensures longevity for your brake lines, making it a more cost-effective investment.

    Furthermore, stainless steel offers greater rigidity when placed under pressure, which helps contain the Teflon’s flexibility under the same conditions. This rigidity reduces the additional fluid volume in the hydraulic circuit, and that’s how stainless steel brake lines can prevent a mushy pedal and instead have a more responsive one. A second advantage of the reduced expansion is the quicker response in the brake system. In effect, the time between the driver applying brakes to the vehicle decelerating is reduced, and the shorter stopping distance ensures more safety.

    The stainless steel flexible brake lines at Trailer Parts Online offer you a simple method to install brake fluid systems without the need for tools and connectors, bringing down the overall cost. These brake lines are available in 500-6500mm lengths as well as full kits. Contact Trailer Parts Online today if you’re looking to upgrade your current brake system for one that is superior in performance and reasonable in its price.

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  2. High-quality Transtyle trailer parts now online

    Customers in the market for trailer parts and accessories can now shop from the comforts of their home, with Transtyle Trailers launching its online shopping business: Trailer Parts Online. Part of the Transtyle Trailers group, the website offers virtual access to high quality aluminium boat trailers in different lengths and load capacities that are a combination of the latest technology and methodology. Also available are axles, brake parts and other trailer parts, all at remarkably affordable prices.

    The aluminium trailers at Trailer Parts Online are made with parts that are durable and will last a very long time. As a result, the trailers itself offer high-quality service for many years. The product line is the result of comprehensive research and development, complemented by quality, efficiency and resilience.

    Easy access to the product range also means that customers can shortlist the products they are interested in purchasing, and make enquiries through the website itself. The experienced customer service team at Trailer Parts Online will respond to these queries promptly and ensure you have all the information you need to make your purchase.

    Trailer Parts Online will service customers Australia-wide and also offer a reliable delivery service.

    Trailer Parts Online
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